Signature Cocktails

Created by our Distiller

Signature Cocktails

Created by our Distiller

Berry Fresh

  • 2oz Alibi Gin

  • blueberry simple syrup

  • Add mint

  • Splash of sour mix

  • Fill with ice

  • Shake like hell and top with club soda

    Garnish options: fresh berries, lemon, mint

Espresso Negroni

  • 1oz cinnamon infused Alibi Gin

  • 1oz Campari

  • 1oz Sweet Vermouth

  • 1/2 Shot of Espresso

  • Add ice and stir

    Garnish options: lemon peel, orange peel, coffee beans

Fall Down

  • 2oz Alibi Gin

  • Pear cinnamon simple syrup

  • Fill with ice and ginger beer

    Garnish options: pear slice, cinnamon stick

Gin and Jam

  • 2oz Alibi Gin

  • Healthy spoonful of any seasonal jam you prefer

  • Splash of sour mix or lemon juice

  • Add ice and shake like hell

  • Top with ginger ale

High Wheeler

  • 2 oz Alibi Gin
  • .5 oz St. Germaine
  • add two cucumber slices
  • shake with ice
  • fill with half lemonade and club soda

Minor Indiscretion

  • 2 oz Alibi Gin
  • 2 dashes Peychaud Bitters
  • fill ¾ with passionfruit juice
  • top with ginger beer

One Eyed Flamingo

  • 2oz Alibi Gin

  • Fill with ice

  • Add fresh watermelon juice

  • 1/2oz simple syrup

  • Add mint

  • Shake and top with club soda

    Garnish options: mint, slice of watermelon

One Night Stand

  • 2oz Alibi Gin

  • 1/2oz Triple Sec

  • 1/2oz Aperol

  • 2oz Grapefruit juice

  • Shake well with ice and strain

    OPTIONAL: Add ice and ginger beer to make it a long drink

Secret Garden

  • 2 oz Alibi Gin
  • 2 oz strawberry basil simple syrup
  • fill with ice and shake
  • top with club soda
  • garnish with basil leaf and strawberry