Mr. Finger’s Alibi Gin

Distributed by Allied Beverage Group & Aleph Wine and Spirits

Mr. Finger’s Alibi Gin

Distributed by Allied Beverage Group & Aleph Wine and Spirits

It all started as a dream to own a bar, and now Alibi thrives statewide, thanks to the owner’s unwavering dedication and the support of our community.

Though Alibi is distilled in Williamsburg, Va., both partners, John Finger and Brian Ireland, hail from South Jersey and boast ample experience in mixing drinks, having spent years bartending side by side.

As fate would have it, while working in the service industry, the local AC bartenders began dreaming big. Their aspirations of owning a bar soon evolved into something much grander.

The idea truly solidified over gin and lemonades on a golf course – they noticed a gap in the market for a superior gin and believed they were the ones to fill it.

And so, the journey began.

Attending a gin distilling school in Kentucky, Finger and Ireland immersed themselves in a two-week-long “mad scientist” crash course on gin, as Ireland fondly recalls it. They experimented with nearly a hundred botanical distillates, honing Alibi’s crisp, spice-forward flavor.

Their hard work paid off when they found a distilling location in Virginia, thanks to the state’s updated prohibition laws. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing – managing liquor regulations and logistics proved to be challenging. It took years to navigate the approvals process and secure a distributor.

But their persistence prevailed. Armed with half-ounce tasters, they garnered support from about 100 local businesses before landing a contract with Allied Beverage, a major liquor distributor.

In June 2018, Alibi made its debut – and it was an instant hit, selling out completely on the first day.

Since then, Finger has relocated to oversee production full-time, while Ireland remains in South Jersey, focusing on sales, marketing, and promotion.

For a two-man operation with no investors, surviving the pandemic was no small feat. But with unwavering support from the South Jersey community, they weathered the storm.

Their commitment to supporting local initiatives and businesses is unwavering. Whether it’s mixing drinks at local events or partnering with nearby establishments, Finger and Ireland are deeply ingrained in the community.

And their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed – Alibi has garnered accolades, including the American Society’s “Best of Class” Gold Medal.

Their future plans include expansion in Atlantic City and out-of-state sales rights, promising even greater success.

So, next time you raise a glass of Alibi, remember, it’s more than just a drink – it’s a testament to the power of community and perseverance. Cheers to that!